Department Scholarships

Applications are available for the 2018-2019 academic year. Some scholarships are "financial need-based" and require you to complete a FAFSA application with the UNH Financial Aid Office.

Undergraduate Scholarship Application

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Application deadline is March 23, 2018.

More than $16,000 was awarded last spring! Awards are presented at the Annual Barbeque in May.

Scholarships are available to Natural Resources and the Environment undergraduate and graduate continuing students. Scholarship descriptions -

Ruth E. Farrington Forestry Scholarships
This award is supported by an endowment resulting from a bequest by Ruth E. Farrington, who came from a lumber industry family in New Hampshire. The fund provides several scholarships for undergraduates and graduate students in forestry and students in related fields who have options or concentrations in forestry beyond their major requirements. Awards are made on the basis of academic performance, promise of professional achievement, and financial need.

Richard B. Johnston Memorial Award
This award was established in 1978 by the family and friends of Richard B. Johnston, who was a highly respected forester in New Hampshire and a friend to the ideals of conservation. Awards are made to upper class undergraduate students in the department who have "enthusiasm for the forestry field." In addition, the endowment provides funds for student book purchases.

Nancy Coutu Wildlife Scholarship
This award was established in 1997 in memory of Nancy Coutu who graduated from the wildlife program in 1993. Nancy was a special student who made teaching a delight. She reminded you that the "stuff" in class is important, but it's the "stuff" that happens when people get together that really makes our lives what they are. Nancy had an exceptional way with people and her enjoyment of life was contagious.  When Nancy was murdered in the spring of 1996 during a Peace Corps mission in Madagascar, department faculty wanted to see something positive result from her senseless death. The Department established the wildlife scholarship fund to provide an annual award in Coutu's memory to a student majoring in Wildlife who exemplifies the spirit of Nancy Coutu. It is important that Nancy be remembered as a role model not only for her good service to her community, but for her enthusiastic zest for life and learning which we hope to foster in all our wildlife undergraduates.

College Woods Scholarship
The College Woods Scholarship was established in 2003 through the generosity of James P. Barrett, UNH Professor Emeritus of Forest Biometrics and Management, and his wife, Juddie M. Barrett. Jim and Juddie established the College Woods Scholarship Fund in appreciation of their adopted home, New Hampshire, and as a thank-you gift for the many delightful walks Jim enjoyed in the College Woods. The scholarship is also an expression of thanks for the opportunity Jim had to spend many days teaching students about forestry and natural resources. The College Woods Scholarship is dedicated to providing financial help to students and to the recognition of the educational value of the College Woods, East Foss Farm, and other UNH Woodlands, which all play a critical role in the education of UNH students.

Alumni Scholarships
The Alumni Fund was established in 1990 as a result of the generous contributions of our alumni. These scholarships are supported solely through their annual contributions. The primary purpose of this fund is to support students, either through direct financial assistance or by enhancing student involvement and activities.

Class of 1974 Wildlife Scholarship
The Class of 1974 Wildlife Scholarship is an inaugural scholarship for a wildlife student demonstrating outstanding combinations of scholarship, participation, and positive attitude. It is given as a reminder to contribute positively to the wildlife management profession and to encourage future support by wildlife and natural resources alumni.

Clark L. Stevens Scholarship
This fund was established by alumni and faculty of Natural Resources to celebrate the life and contributions of this outstanding teacher and mentor. The fund is supported by family and friends of Clark Stevens, who was a faculty member at the University of New Hampshire from 1920 until his retirement in 1964. He served as chair of the Forestry Department from 1938-1958. The fund provides financial assistance to students in good standing and having financial need.

Edward Cass Adams Scholarship
This fund is supported by a bequest from Analesa F. Adams MacLeod, whose family was very prominent in the history of Durham and the Great Bay area. Edward Cass Adams was born in 1892 at Adams Point where he lived his whole life. He was the last of the Adams of Adams Point. Cass inherited his father's (Captain Adams) craftsmanship and artistic creativity and was well-known for his beautiful and unusual duck decoys. He helped his father in the 20-year task of building the gundalow "Driftwood." The fund provides financial assistance to students at the University of New Hampshire who are engaged in the study of wildlife management and research, or the conservation of natural resources.

Lloyd W. Hawkensen Forestry Scholarships
This fund was established by the family and friends of Lloyd W. Hawkensen, a University of New Hampshire forestry graduate who was active in the forest industry and professional forestry affairs in New Hampshire. He was the recipient of the Forest Resources Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1986. The fund provides financial support to New Hampshire residents who are enrolled in forestry or related programs in natural resources. Awards are made on the basis of academic achievement, sincere interest in forestry or related sciences, and financial need.

George "Curly" Frick Fellowship
The Frick Fellowship was established through the generosity of friends and former students of Professor Emeritus George Frick in recognition of his many years of service to the University and its students. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide support for graduate students studying environmental and resource economics, broadly defined. Professor Frick was especially active in issues regarding land use and dairy management. Awards are based on academic achievement. Applicants are not limited to resource economics graduate students.

Paul E. Bruns Memorial Award
A compass is awarded to an outstanding forestry student to help guide them in their future professional career. Paul Bruns was a practicing forester, teacher, and researcher. He was a guiding influence in the development of UNH's Forestry programs within his role as professor and Forestry Department Chair at UNH.

Edith Converse Neff and Allen Whitaker Neff Forestry Scholarship 
The purpose of the Edith Converse Neff and Allen Whitaker Neff Forestry Scholarship is to provide scholarship support for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the Forestry Program in the College of Life Science and Agriculture.  Awards will be based on academic merit and financial need.

Charles W. and Jacqueline F. Thompson Forestry Scholarship
The Charles W. and Jacqueline F. Thompson Forestry Scholarship was established in 2005 by Charles W. Thompson '66 and Jacqueline Flynn Thompson '65 to provide scholarship support for undergraduate students enrolled in the forestry program in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture who have successfully completed the first year of study in their chosen major. Awards are based on financial need with preference first given to students from Wilmot, New Hampshire, and then to residents of Merrimack County, New Hampshire.

Richard A. Andrews Memorial Award
The Richard A. Andrews Memorial Award was established by friends and colleagues of Richard A. Andrews. The award recognizes the senior Environmental and Resource Economics major who excelled in resource economics, economics, mathematics, and statistics.