College Woods

Welcome to College Woods, A Living Laboratory

college woods

Students in the department experience A Living Laboratory - an outdoor classroom for field labs. Students at UNH are in touch with nature on a walking campus, for College Woods are classrooms for continual teaching and learning. Educational values of College Woods highlight experiences in teaching thousands of students: ecological interpretation along "The Paul Bunyon Woodlands Trail," water quality evaluation along the Oyster River Watershed, and practice in measurement and forest inventory in the woodlands.

College Woods protects our water supply, offers opportunity for nature observation, reflective thinking, and provides recreational activities such as walking, jogging, biking (in selected areas), and cross-country skiing to the academic community.

College Woods Coalition

The Coalition is an organization of stakeholders - a user group - that is working with UNH administration to permanently protect and manage College Woods and other UNH outdoor classrooms so that they can remain an integral part of the educational and recreational experience of UNH and the Durham community. Read more...