Alumni - David Pelletier

Career StoryDavid Pelletier

After a not-so-illustrious “career” as a Colorado ski-bum I decided to apply my UNH Resource Economics undergraduate degree in the field of regional planning. I was drawn to the transportation program having been fascinated with wheels of all types since I was a young child. RPC had much to offer. Initial projects ranged from field data collection efforts such as conducting traffic counts to developing data for highway project design, to development and presentation of transit ridership reports to the COAST bus system Board of Directors. I gained experience in public involvement, community development, long-range planning, budgeting, and public policy development and advocacy. My interest in planning and public administration was solidified working for RPC. I returned to UNH to attend the Master's program in Public Administration. This degree opened the door to an array of lucrative opportunities.

After a decade of transportation planning, I found my way to the Vermont Agency of Transportation leading the Public Transit Department. My section provides financial and technical assistance to transit districts, transit authorities, municipal transit systems, and non-profit public transit systems throughout the state. This function is carried out through the administration of state and federal programs relating to general public transportation and transit programs, specific to the needs of senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

As Public Transit Administrator, I am responsible for grant administration and oversight of 11 public transit providers, and management of a small staff of Public Transit Coordinators. Tasks include budget development, reporting on transit system performance to legislative transportation committees, public relations, and coordination with state agencies such as Emergency Management and Human Services. I oversee a host of transit planning and policy development projects that guide the overall development and maintenance of the transit network.

Public Transit Administrator, Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans)

BS Resource Economics, 1992
Master of Public Administration, 1998