Dairy Management Option

The ANSC: Dairy Management option is designed to provide students with solid training in areas important to the successful management of a dairy enterprise, for employment in related agribusinesses (e.g., pharmaceutical and feed industries), or for those wishing to pursue additional training leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. degree in dairy science or its related disciplines. Dairy management students receive training in areas such as nutrition, reproduction, diseases, genetics, lactation physiology, forages, agribusiness finance, personnel management, computer science, and public relations.

Faculty Advising Handbook

The College of Life Sciences and Agriculture has prepared this Advising Handbook for advisors with the intention of clarifying existing policies used within the University. This Handbook will be reviewed as needed in an attempt to ensure the accuracy of this material. We are open to any suggestions you may have regarding this handbook or the addition of any material which you feel may be pertinent.