High Impact Internships

Each spring the UNH Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise selects a handful of motivated, high-achieving, impact-focused student leaders for the Social Innovation Internship program. The 9-week Social Innovation Internship connects students to leading for-profit and nonprofit organizations for a rigorous and meaningful summer internship; provides UNH training in social innovation; and supports student-lead efforts to mobilize their UNH peers during the school year. All this, along with a $3000 stipend.

Getting Slimed

Hagfish slime, which has been described as the grossest super-material in existence, might be one of the most unique biomaterials known known to humankind — and UNH scientist and assistant professor David Plachetzkihas received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Integrative Organismal Systems program to study it.

Michaela Barhite

Michaela Barhite ’12 wants your blood. But it’s OK: she’s a senior nutrition major researching the correlation between environmental chemicals and weight gain in college students. And her research is breaking new ground.