David Mortensen

Find out what David Mortensen thinks about his new role at COLSA, what lead him to his career as a researcher and educator, and why finding sustainable ways to feed the world is more important than ever.

Alexis Blanchard

Alexis Blanchard ’20 just returned from a summer internship in Alaska. The wildlife and conservation biology major from Astoria, New York, took some time to tell us about her experience, her love of animals and why she will never stop learning.

Bonnie Brown

Bonnie Brown is joining COLSA as a professor and new chair of the Department of Biological Sciences. Brown, who comes to UNH from Virginia Commonwealth University, works in the field of ecological genetics. Her research involves metagenomics, which is the investigation of genetic material obtained directly from environmental samples, and the use of molecular markers to document dynamic genetic processes, and has important applications in the areas of conservation, restoration and aquaculture.

High Impact Internships

Each spring the UNH Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise selects a handful of motivated, high-achieving, impact-focused student leaders for the Social Innovation Internship program. The 9-week Social Innovation Internship connects students to leading for-profit and nonprofit organizations for a rigorous and meaningful summer internship; provides UNH training in social innovation; and supports student-lead efforts to mobilize their UNH peers during the school year. All this, along with a $3000 stipend.

Getting Slimed

Hagfish slime, which has been described as the grossest super-material in existence, might be one of the most unique biomaterials known known to humankind — and UNH scientist and assistant professor David Plachetzkihas received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Integrative Organismal Systems program to study it.

Michaela Barhite

Michaela Barhite ’12 wants your blood. But it’s OK: she’s a senior nutrition major researching the correlation between environmental chemicals and weight gain in college students. And her research is breaking new ground.