Animal Behavior Minor

This minor is designed for students who are interested in learning more about animal behavior, including the mechanisms that underlie behaviors and the evolutionary forces that may have shaped them. Students will also gain practical skills in the methods used to study animal behavior in laboratory and field settings. Students must complete, and earn a grade of C- or better in, the following courses to qualify:

  • ZOOL 613, Animal Behavior (5.0 credits; fall offering)
  • NSB 728, Research Methods in Animal Behavior (4.0 credits; spring offering)
  • at least 11 additional credits of relevant coursework (~three courses from the list below; courses are 4 credits unless otherwise noted), totaling 20+ credits
  • at least two of the three electives must come from the Category I list below; the remaining course may be from either Category I or Category II.

No more than 8 credits can be counted for both the student’s major and the animal behavior minor (i.e., you may “double count” up to, but no more than, two courses).

If interested in or completing the minor, contact Dr. Daniel R. Howard in the Department of Biological Sciences, (603) 862-0242, to be included on the list of students working toward minor completion, to receive emails on special events and activities for Animal Behavior students, and/or to complete the Certification of Completion of Minor form. This form should be completed at the beginning of your final semester. If a student is interested in using a course that he or she feels is relevant but that is not included on this list, contact Dr. Howard with details on the course and to request permission.


Required Courses  
ZOOL 613, Animal Behavior (fall)

NSB 728, Research Methods in Animal Behavior (spr)

Category I: (at least two required)

NSB 727, Animal Communication (fall)
PSYC 720, Animal Cognition (fall/spr)
ZOOL 726, Conservation Behavior (fall)
ZOOL 733, Behavioral Ecology (spr)
ZOOL 736, Genes and Behavior (fall)
ZOOL 777, Neurobiology and Behavior (spr)
ZOOL 795, Special Investigations in Animal Behavior
MEFB 714, Field Animal Behavior (3 cr.; summer)

Category II: 

ZOOL 625, Animal Physiology (3 or 5 cr.; fall)
ZOOL 626, Animal Physiology Lab (2 cr.; co-req. Zool 625; fall)
ZOOL 690, Evolution (fall/spr)
BMS 718, Mammalian Physiology (spr)
AAS 525, Canine Learning Theory and Application (3 cr.; fall)
PSYC 512, Psychology of Primates (spr)

Questions? Contact:

Daniel Howard, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
G32 Spaulding Hall
Lab: G55

Charlotte S. Cooper

Administrative Assistant III
Spaulding Hall, 117
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-3205