Plant Biology Minor

The Minor in Plant Biology is designed to provide a broad introduction to plant biology and why plants are important to humans, while providing a framework for understanding plant diversity, function, and behavior. Two electives allow the opportunity to choose a specialized area of plant biology that is of interest. Five courses are required, of which no more than two can overlap with major requirements.

Chose one of the following two 400-level courses that deal with plant value to humans

BIOL 408 Plants and Civilization

SAFS 421 Introductory Horticulture

Required course

BIOL 409 Introductory Botany

Choose one of the following 500-level courses that deal with plant biodiversity

MEFB 525 Introduction to Aquatic Botany

BIOL 566 Systematic Botany                       

Any two other plant-based courses at the 500 level or higher, including 795/796 (must be 4 credits). Courses include: BIOL 566 (when MEFB 525 is taken), 701, 702, 709, 758. GEN 772, 774. MEFB 525 (when BIOL 566 is taken), 616, 727, 721, 722, 747.

The minimum acceptable grade in these courses is a C-; the average grade for these courses must be a C or better.

For advice on course selection, students should contact the chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, (603) 862-3205, prior to their junior year.

Questions? Contact:

Donald S. Chandler, Ph.D.

Professor/ Interim Department Chair
Spaulding Rm 266

Charlotte S. Cooper

Administrative Assistant III
Spaulding Hall, 117
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-3205