Jenica Allen, Ph.D.

Jenica Allen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Areas of Research and Interest

I am a global change ecologist with a strong interest in quantitative methods.  Climate and land use change are dominant anthropogenic forces driving ecological change today and my research aims to understand and forecast their effects on the causes and consequences of invasive plants and plant phenology from individuals to communities and from local to regional scales.  Statistical modeling, spatially and/or temporally extensive datasets, and field studies are key to my research approach.  Current projects include forecasting invasion risk of terrestrial plants in the United States, linking local demography to regional species’ distributions, and the socio-ecology of invasive plants in New England.


2012 PhD., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut

2007 M.S., Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia

2003 B.A. (cum laude), Biological Sciences, Smith College

Selected Publications

Allen, J.M., M. A. Terres, T. Katsuki, K. Iwamoto, H. Kobori, H. Higuchi, R.B. Primack, A.M. Wilson, A.E. Gelfand, and J.A. Silander.   2014.  Modeling daily flowering probabilities: expected impact of climate change on Japanese cherry phenology.  Global Change Biology 20: 1251-1263.

Allen, J.M., T.J.  Leininger, D.L. Civco, J.D. Hurd Jr., A.E. Gelfand, and J.A. Silander Jr.  2013.  Socioeconomics drive invasive plant richness in New England, USA through forest fragmentation.  Landscape Ecology 28: 1671-1686.

Xie, Y.Y., K.F. Ahmed, J.M. Allen, A.M. Wilson, and J.A. Silander.  2015.  Green-up of deciduous forest communities of northeastern North America in response to climate variation and climate change.  Landscape Ecology 30: 109-123.

Ahmed, K.F., G. Wang, J.A. Silander, A.M. Wilson, J.M. Allen, R. Horton, and R. Anyah.  2013.  Statistical downscaling and bias correction of climate model outputs for climate change impact assessment in the U.S. Northeast.  Global and Planetary Change 100: 320-332.

Ibáñez, I., J.A. Silander Jr., J.M. Allen, S.A. Treanor, and A. Wilson.  2009.  Identifying hotspots for plant invasions and forecasting focal points of further spread.  Journal of Applied Ecology 46: 1219-1228.

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Jenica Allen
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