Faculty Handbook: Rosters

Faculty can now obtain up to the minute class lists in an easy-to-use format on WEBCAT. To obtain a WEBCAT account, faculty members just need to print out the application form (http://www.unh.edu/registrar/forms/), sign it, and send it to the Registrar. We will assign a PIN and notify the faculty person.

Once the PIN is assigned, the faculty person can log in to WEBCAT, click on Faculty Services, then on Printable Class Roster, and choose the appropriate term and CRN. This roster can also be saved to a file and then opened with EXCEL.

Deadline for turning in Final Grade Rosters

  1. Courses with scheduled exams--rosters are due 48 hours after exam.
  2. Courses without scheduled exams--rosters are due three working days after all exams begin.

Note: These guidelines are subject to change.

Final grade rosters must include grades for all students enrolled in the course section. If you are uncertain whether a student has dropped the course or stopped attending class and his/her name still appears on your roster, it indicates he/she has not filed a Change of Registration form. You may either assign an "F" for failure to withdraw properly, or leave the grade space on the roster blank and complete the Incomplete/Administrative F form. Attach the form to the roster. The Registrar's Office will insert an "AF" in the grade space.

Late Rosters

Students will not receive a grade on their grade report if the rosters are submitted after the deadline. A special grade report form must be filed to replace the missing "IX" grade.

What To Do When

A. Student's name is on a roster but not attending classes.

The Registrar's Office should be notified. They will contact the student to determine if he/she plans to attend. Crossing the student's name off the roster will not delete the student from the record.

In addition, the student may be attending a different section from the one registered for. In this case, he/she must drop one section and add the other.

B. Student's name is missing on a roster but student is attending.

Direct him/her to the Registrar's Office to file a Change of Registration form. Students should not be allowed to attend lectures after the add/drop deadline, if they are not officially registered.