Change of Major

  1. The first step for COLSA students to change their major within COLSA is to go into WebCat and request to change your major.  A tutorial for this process is available, please click here.
  2. Once this step in WebCat is completed, you then need to fill out the web form below for the major in which you wish to transfer. Click on the program link to open the web form that once completed will be sent to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for their review and approval. If you do not fill out this web form, your request to change majors will be denied.
  3. The status of your request to change majors can be found in WebCat where you initially requested to change majors.

      To change into one of the majors listed below, you MUST first get approval from the Undergraduate Program Coordinator by
       completing the appropriate web  form.  If you do not complete the web form, your request will be denied.