Julia M. Peterson

Julia M. Peterson

Extension Professor/Specialist, Water Resources and Extension Program Leader, NH Sea Grant


Julia started her work as a water resources specialist at the University in 1993 with Sea Grant Extension. Since then, her education and outreach work has covered topics as varied as zebra mussels, Atlantic salmon restoration, youth service learning, and nonpoint source pollution. Currently, her major role is conducting outreach projects for the UNH/NOAA Cooperative Institute for Coastal and Estuarine Environmental Technology (CICEET). These projects focus on increasing lay audience's knowledge about estuaries, their functions and values, and research going on there.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from Connecticut College in 1982
  • Masters of Science in Teaching, Environmental Studies Program at Antioch/New England Graduate School in 1988

Program Specialty Areas

  • STOP the Zebra Mussel
  • Exotic Species Profile - Zebra Mussel
  • Adopt-A-Salmon Family Teacher's Guide

Contact Information

UNH, 122 Mast Road
Lee, NH 03861 View Map

Phone: 603-862-6706
FAX: 603-659-1304
E-mail: Julia.Peterson@unh.edu


Julia Peterson
Kingman Farmhouse
Durham, NH 03824