Mark J. Ducey, Ph.D.

Mark J. Ducey, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator for Forestry, Professor


  • Validating, scaling, and parameterizing a forest regrowth model for the Amazon region using aircraft and spaceborne sensors and GIS
  • Understanding mechanistic controls on forest regrowth in the eastern Amazon
  • Efficient methods of assessing coarse woody debris in forest ecosystems
  • Coarse woody debris in Northeastern forests
  • Fire management options to control woody invasive plants in the northeast and mid-Atlantic
  • Evaluating the impact of emergency ice storm funds on nonindustrial private forest owner stewardship
  • Measuring stocking and structure in New Hampshire forests
  • New sampling techniques and approaches to analysis in tropical forests


  • 1996 Ph.D Forestry, Yale University
  • 1992 M.F.S. Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management, Yale University
  • 1990 B.A. Classical Civilization with Honors, summa cum laude, Yale University

Teaching Responsibilities

  • NR 729: Silviculture
  • NR 749: Forest Inventory and Modeling
  • NR 910: Forest Stand Dynamics
  • NR 912: Sampling Techniques

Selected Publications

Ducey, M. J., W. K. Moser, and P. M. S. Ashton. 1996. Effect of fire intensity on understory composition and diversity in a Kalmia dominated oak forest , New England , USA . Vegetatio 123: 81 90.

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Ducey, M. J. 2001. Representing uncertainty in silvicultural decisions: an application of the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence. Forest Ecology and Management 150(3): 199-211.

Ducey, M. J. and H. L. Allen. 2001. Nutrient supply and fertilization efficiency in midrotation loblolly pine plantations: a modeling analysis. Forest Science 47(1): 96-102.

Ducey, M. J., J. H. Gove, G. Ståhl, and A. Ringvall. 2001. Clarification of the mirage method for boundary correction, with possible bias in point and plot sampling. Forest Science 47(2): 242-245.

Gove, J. H., M. J. Ducey, G. Ståhl, and A. Ringvall. 2001. Point relascope sampling: a new method for assessing downed coarse woody debris. Journal of Forestry 100(4): 4-11.

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Gove, J. H., M. J. Ducey and H. T. Valentine. 2002. Multistage point relascope and randomized branch sampling for downed coarse woody debris estimation. Forest Ecology and Management 155(1-3): 153-162.

Sheil, D. and M.J. Ducey. 2002. An extreme-value approach to detect clumping and an application to tropical forest gap-mosaic dynamics. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 18: 671-686.

Brissette, J. C., M. J. Ducey and J. H. Gove. 2003. A field test of point relascope sampling of down coarse woody debris in managed stands in the Acadian forest. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 130(2): 79-88.

Sheil, D., M.J. Ducey, K. Sidiyasa, and I. Samsoedin. 2003. A new type of sample unit for the efficient assessment of diverse tree communities in complex forest landscapes. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 15: 117-135.

Ducey, M.J., J.H. Gove, and H.T. Valentine. In press. A walkthrough solution to the boundary overlap problem. Forest Science 0:000-000.

Jordan , G.J., M.J. Ducey and J.H. Gove. In press. Comparing line-intersect, fixed-area, and point relascope sampling for dead and downed coarse woody material in a managed northern hardwood forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 0:000-000.

Selected Service Activities

  • University Center for Integrated Regional Problem-Solving, Founding and Steering Committee (2002-present)
  • University Woodlands and Natural Areas Committee (1998-present)
  • COLSA Curriculum Review Committee (2002-2003)
  • National Association of Professional Forestry Schools and Colleges, Northeast Science Chair (2002-present); ad hoc committee on McIntire-Stennis Administration (2003-present)
  • Associate Editor, Northern Journal of Applied Forestry (2002-present)
Mark Ducey
James Hall, Room G64
Durham, NH 03824