Hubbard Summer 2018 Fellowship Award

Oliver J. Hubbard, '21, of Walpole, New Hampshire, presented a gift to UNH in 1976 to improve poultry and animal sciences education at the undergraduate and graduate level and for scholarship aid when desirable.  All scholarship aid shall be granted on the basis of financial need. 

Amount of Award: Each recipient will receive a stipend of $3,500 plus up to $600.00 for supplies.

The Project Proposal Instructions are here.

How to Apply - Dietetic Internship with Masters in Nutritional Sciences

Academic year 2018-2020

Participants interested in attending The University of New Hampshire MSDI must utilize the on-line centralized application DICAS system. The UNH Dietetic Internship accepts all applicants to its program on a yearly basis during the February application period. Candidates are chosen by the Selection Committee and notified by D&D Digital Systems in April.