Peer-reviewed Publications Support

The NHAES Director's Office will contribute toward peer-reviewed publications resulting from NHAES-funded projects. The manuscripts must be published (or in press) no more than 2 years after the completion of an NHAES project and must directly relate to the research conducted as part of the NHAES project. If approved, you may be asked to assist the NHAES communications office in promoting this research to internal and external stakeholders after the manuscript is published. This may include review of a news release or story, interviews with journalists, and recording of video and audio content.

Upon receipt of an invoice with details on relevant charges for the publication covered by this signed agreement, NHAES will cost share 50 percent of publication charges up to $1,500 (e.g. when the total charge $3,000). The authors will provide NHAES office copy of the shareable PDF file for our records and for potential distribution to selected libraries, archives, etc. 

To request support for page / publication charges, please complete the electronic Manuscript Approval Form.

When filling out the form, in addition to providing information about the publication, you will also need to provide the NHAES Hatch, Hatch-Multistate, or McIntire-Stennis project number (e.g., NH00XXX) and the USDA project accession number.  

To look up USDA project accession number: 

  1. Visit
  2. Select assisted search in the left-side menu.
  3. Enter your last name in the "Investigator" search box.
  4. Click the Search button. The red "Records Retrieved" indicator should display a number greater than zero.
  5. Click the Display Results button and search for the name of your project. The accession number will be in the "Acc No" column on the left.

Additionally, you will be asked to upload a proof of your manuscript, which must include the following acknowledgment in order for you to be reimbursed:

“Partial funding was provided by the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station. This is Scientific Contribution Number ________. This work is/was supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (Insert Project Type, e.g. Hatch/Evans-Allen/McIntire-Stennis) Project (Insert Accession Number).”

The Scientific Contribution Number will be provided to you upon approval of the electronic Manuscript Approval Form.

Upon approval of this form, when your manuscript is accepted for publication, Lori Gula, the NHAES communications director, will charge the costs to your P-Card, and then provide the invoice, and this manuscript approval form to your P-Card manager in the COLSA BSC. She will transfer the charge, up to $1500, to the appropriate NHAES account.