Multi-use Field Facilities

Thompson Farm

Steve Eisenhaure, 603-862-3951

Thompson farm

This 205-acre farm consists of forest, hayfields and tillable land used for forage and corn silage production. Cropping is managed by the Farm Services unit. Because it possesses characteristics that are unique in the Durham area (e.g., distance from roads and vehicular traffic, open fields, etc.), this farm was chosen as the site for a NOAA AirMap Station, part of a national network of stations which is collecting continuous data on a large number of air quality measures. Several holding tanks have been located at this farm in support of research on amphibians.

Moore Field

John Palmer, 603-862-1169

Moore field

The Moore Field includes about 90 acres of cropland plus adjacent woodlands, 1.5 miles from campus off highway 155A toward Lee. Its primary use is for research and feed production. It also provides open habitat for many species of birds. Originally called the Moore Lot, it was given by Eugene L. Moore in 1941. At that time the property was forested and extensive timber harvesting activities occurred throughout the 1960’s until it was converted to agricultural land.