Manuscript Approval Form

Please use this form when submitting a manuscript to NHAES for a scientific contribution number or a research report number from work completed under NHAES project. NHAES will cost share 50 percent of publication charges up to $1500 (e.g. when the total charge $3000). 

Make sure to fill out the entire form, including the NHAES project (number) from which this work originated, the federal accession number listed in the Current Research Information System (CRIS).  The author/investigator’s account(s) NHAES fund org  must be listed for his/her part of the cost share, and all charges in excess of $3000. You may either email your completed manuscript approval form and manuscript to

To look up CRIS accession number: 
Select assisted search. 
Select subfile CRIS Enter your name and New Hampshire.
Hit the search button, and then display the results.

Your manuscript must include the following acknowledgment in order for you to be reimbursed:

“Partial funding was provided by the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station. This is Scientific Contribution Number ________. This work is/was supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (Insert Project Type, e.g. Hatch/Evans-Allen/McIntire-Stennis) Project (Insert Accession Number).”

MS Word 97/2003 (.doc) format

PDF format