Kingman Research Farm

Evan Ford, 603-868-2345

Kingman Farm

This 360-acre NHAES/COLSA farm is located in Madbury, NH, about two miles from the Durham campus. Its primary function is as a research facility, with current projects including research on horticultural and agronomic crops, wildlife management, and a part of the Great Bay oyster renovation effort. The farm also has been the site for J. Brent Loy's extensive cucurbit breeding program, the longest-running such program in North America. Part of the farm contributes forages for the dairy and equine programs.

This farm is also the site of the UNH Composting Facility, and daily operations are carried out by the Kingman Farm staff in concert with UNH Dining Services.

A large portion of this farm is forested and it is used extensively by the community for hiking, mountain-biking and other recreational activities. UNH Cooperative Extension uses the Farm for demonstration and to extend new information to growers and the public as quickly as possible.

Directions: Kingman Research Farm is located on Knox Marsh Road (Rt. 155), across from the Madbury Police and Fire Department, 3.1 miles from the Durham campus.