Important Dates

  • Graduate Research Conference The Graduate Research Conference is a two day event featuring research topics from a variety of graduate programs on the University of New Hampshire Durham campus.  The GRC is an opportunity for students, faculty members, and the UNH community to learn about research from different colleges and departments and develop new ideas across disciplines.
  • Faculty Mentor Award Nomination Form Each January, the Graduate School will solicit nominations for the Graduate Faculty Mentor Award.  This award is designed to honor a faculty member whose commitment to excellence in graduate student training has contributed significantly to graduate students' professional development.
  • Teaching Assistant Award Graduate Teaching Assistants contribute significantly to the teaching mission of the University. These awards are designed to recognize graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in teaching.
  • Student Awards Many types of awards given out to graduate students, ranging from Dissertation Year Fellowships to the prestigious Fulbright Scholarships. The Graduate School also gives out awards designed to recognize and honor student research, scholarship and creativity.
  • Graduate Research/ Scholarship/Creativity AwardThis award is designed to recognize graduate student research/scholarship and other creative works that represents the best overall contribution to the discipline. Forms only accepted during application period. When application dates open the form will be updated to the current academic semester/year.

  • Tuition Scholarship Part-Time StudentsPart-time students are eligible to apply for part-time tuition scholarships. This award is in the form of a partial waiver of tuition charges. These scholarships are awarded each semester of the academic year. Part-time tuition scholarship applications are available at the Graduate School each semester. Please see the graduate school calendar for official application release and due dates. University employees or family members who are eligible for staff benefits are not eligible to receive scholarships for part-time students.