Meet a Student

Kelsie Schanlaber

Why did you choose UNH? I chose UNH not only because it is NH’s state school, but because of all it has to offer.  I love the feel of the campus, the multitude of opportunities, the challenging courses, the emphasis on undergraduate research, and the relative affordability.

Did you know that you wanted to major in your current major when you arrived on campus? I entered "Undeclared" in COLSA.  Freshman year, I had Honors BIOL 411 with Dr. Walker, where I learned about the complex processes and machinery that are found in each one of our cells--and I couldn't help but be amazed and want to learn more!

What's been your favorite class thus far? Favorite class? That's too hard.  Obviously I loved 411H.  I'm currently really enjoying Biochemistry with Dr. Denis.  And even though it was quite tough and a lot of work, I liked Dr. Weisman's organic chemistry class.

Which UNH faculty member has had the greatest impact on you? Dr. Walker, who not only influenced my choice of major but invited me to work in his animal cancer lab, which has been an awesome experience.

Describe something non-academic about which you are passionate: When I study the intricate design of the cells, it feeds another passion of mine: learning more about the magnificent Creator of those cells.  Because I like to see that my faith is actually compatible with science, I study apologetics (the rational basis for Christianity) outside of the classroom.  I am also passionate about putting my faith into action through helping others and volunteering in various venues.