Meet a Student

Danshu Li

Current Major: Equine Studies, Therapeutic Riding

Why did you choose UNH? Because UNH has a great equine program! And it has a barn on campus.

When you arrived on campus, did you know you would be in your current major? Yes. I decided  that I was going to be a therapeutic riding professional when I was 17.  Horses changed me a lot and made me become a better person, so I wish to help those people with disabilities and introduce equestrian sport to them.

What's been your favorite class thus far? ANSC 402 horsemanship, and PSYC 581 child development.

Before I came to UNH, I rode alone and only took private lessons with my coach.  I was the only person in my class to ride in high school.  In ANSC 402, I got the chance to ride with my peers.  It makes me feel less stressed and more fun.

Child development contains lots of useful material.  In my home, most equestrian participants are children and teenagers. This class allows me to understand children better.

Which UNH faculty member has had the greatest impact on you? Sarah Rigg.  She is my favorite instructor in UNH. Sarah is so nice and helpful, and she is definitely a very responsible instructor.  She helped me a lot when I first arrived in US.  Under her instruction, I found my interest in dressage, which I never tried before.  After taking her dressage class, I gained a more in depth understanding about horsemanship, and I made the IDA team.

What activities related to your major have occurred outside the classroom that has been most beneficial to you? I made the dressage team this year.  I was a jumper before, because jumping is more common.  Taking ANSC 402 with Sarah last semester is my first time to get to learn about dressage.  Then I fell in love with it.  In the team we hold schooling shows as fund raiser; I like our teamwork.  We compete in shows.  I got intro level's second place in my first dressage show and I so happy with it.

Describe something non-academic about which you are passionate.: That must be reading and dancing. I cannot live without books.  Sometimes when I am too shy to tell my feelings, dance is a good way to show a silent story.  While dancing, my brain gets released. I love the feeling of get fully control with even a small part of my body.