Meet an Alum

Stephanie Parisi

Why did you choose to research that topic?

I took Principles of Biology I (BIOL 411) with Dr. Townson my freshman year and really loved his teaching style as well as  the class.  When I began looking to join a lab, Dr. Townson's was my first choice. As I was reading about the work he was doing, I felt that his research would be a great fit for me, as our interests aligned.

What is your favorite class and how did it help influence your research choice?

My favorite class was Pathologic Basis of Disease with Michelle Fleetwood. I had already started my undergraduate research when I took Professors Fleetwood's class, so it didn't influence my research choice per say. However, the class  went into depth about the principles and mechanisms of disease at the cellular and tissue levels. The class enhanced my knowledge in my research field and opened my eyes to all the career options available to us in the sciences. 

What are your hopes after your college years?

After college I am excited to start my professional career. I look forward to continue in the research field working in a hospital. After working for a year or two I plan on going back to school to receive my masters.