Meet an Alum

Natalie Phauk

Natalie Levesque Phauk (Animal Science 2011) of Londonderry originally planned to attend a college away from her home state of New Hampshire, but that changed when she realized all of the opportunities UNH had to offer that would enable her to obtain her goal of becoming  a veterinarian. Natalie was accepted to three veterinary schools and chose to attend Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine where she just completed her second year of veterinary school.

 Natalie worked with her academic advisor to find veterinary experiences that would strengthen her veterinary school application. Natalie was introduced to the research side of veterinary medicine during her sophomore year when she began working with two university veterinarians on research projects in UNH’s laboratory animal facility. She continued to work with them over the next three years and was involved in laboratory animal care and surgical experiments on miniature swine, frogs, rats and mice, and frequently assisted in surgery. Natalie worked with cows for the first time in the CREAM program which she describes as an amazing learning experience that taught her about communication and team dynamics which are skills that are used in veterinary practices every day. Natalie also worked at a mixed animal practice and an animal emergency hospital. These jobs provided her with more hands on clinical experience and supplemented what she was learning in her classes. She states that there are a variety of different opportunities available at or through UNH, it’s a matter of finding what you’re interested in and pursuing it.

Natalie was chosen to participate in the University Honor’s Program which she believes helped her reach a higher potential and complete a senior thesis in shelter medicine. UNH classes helpful to Natalie in veterinary school include: Comparative Histology, Pathologic Basis of Disease, Physiology of Reproduction, CREAM, Animal Rights & Societal Issues, and Large Animal Handling/Behavior.