Meet an Alum

Matthew Cotton ('13)

I chose UNH because everybody that I knew that went there loved it. When I visited I fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere and immediately felt at home. Since making the decision I've yet to regret it. I've had a great experience at UNH and am extremely glad that I decided to go to school here.
Did you know what you wanted to major in when you arrived on campus?
I had no idea that I would end up choosing the major that I'm in now when I first arrived on campus. Originally I was in the College of Liberal Arts as a political science major, however I found that I wasn’t enjoying my classes as much as I thought as I would. My decision to switch into my current major came after taking an introductory biology class. I found myself fascinated with the intricacies of life and I knew that I had to switch to a science major. I love what I’m learning now and I could not imagine myself majoring in anything else.
What was your favorite class?
I really love my major and have enjoyed all my classes, so it’s hard to single out just one class that was my favorite. Two classes that had a big impact on me were Biology 411/412 and Physics 402. Those first biology classes were what really sparked my interest in science and inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. In Biology 412 I got my first look at evolutionary biology and really enjoyed learning about how we are continuing to evolve today. Physics 402 was another one of my favorites because of the applications of what we were learning. I was intrigued to find that the things we were learning could be applied to just about everything that occurs in nature.

Which UNH faculty member had the greatest impact on you?
David Townson (known to his students as Dr. T) was my teacher for principles of biology, and was responsible for me switching to my current major. His passion for science is contagious and his style of teaching makes it easy to become excited about what you’re learning. Today he is my advisor and continues to help me make important decisions. I would advise anybody considering taking classes in COLSA to try to get him.

Describe something non-academic about which you are passionate?
Something non academic that I’m passionate about is fishing. This time of season I go striper fishing with my dad in the ocean or around town with my friends. It’s something that relaxes me and allows me to escape from responsibility for a while.