Meet an Alum

Lisa Flaman ('15)

Why did you choose UNH? I chose UNH because the campus is absolutely beautiful and they have an amazing genetics program.

Did you know that you wanted to major in genetics when you arrived on campus? I knew exactly what I wanted to do before coming to campus.  I had taken a genetics course in High School and I loved it so much, I picked it for my major.

What was your favorite class? My all time favorite classes would have to be Genetics 606, which is a genetics lab, and Genetics 713, which is Microbial Ecology and Evolution.  They were both a lot of fun and I wish I could take them over!

Which UNH faculty member had the greatest impact on you? Estelle Hrabak has had the greatest impact on me.  I currently work in her lab and she has helped me gain more knowledge than in any classroom.

What activities related to your major have occurred outside the classroom that has been most beneficial to you? Working in Estelle's lab has had a huge impact on me.  Also, this summer I got an internship at a biotechnology company and it has been beyond all of my expectations.  I have learned so much in such a short time span.

Describe something non-academic about which you are passionate. I am very passionate about drawing.  I love to draw and create cute pictures and paintings for my friends and family.