Meet an Alum

Lindsay Michaud

Why did you choose UNH?
I first visited UNH when I was a sophomore in high school, and I knew immediately that I wanted to attend college here. The beautiful campus, the location, and of course the great pre-health professional programs had me sold.

Did you know that you wanted to major in your current major when you arrived on campus? 
I always knew that I wanted to end up in the professional health field, so I've stayed a Biomedical Science: Medical and Veterinary Science major throughout my entire time at UNH. However, I changed my focus from Pre-Vet to Pre-Optometry during my Junior year. After both interning at an Emergency Veterinary Hospital and shadowing my Optometrist, I knew that I wanted to pursue Optometry.

What's been your favorite class thus far?
It might sound crazy but I loved organic chemistry. It was a challenging class but it was equally rewarding. Succeeding in such a difficult class showed me that working hard and having confidence in my abilities really does pay off. Plus, Professor Miller is the best professor I've had at UNH!

Which UNH faculty member has had the greatest impact on you?
My research mentor, Brett Gibson, has made a huge impact on my pursuit of research. He helped me get involved in psychology research when I was a sophomore and has guided me throughout the entire research process when I received a SURF award for the summer of 2013. Through this opportunity I was able to present at the COLSA URC and write an article for UNH's Inquiry Journal.

What activities related to your major have occurred outside the classroom that has been most beneficial to you?
Since my sophomore year, I have worked at the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in the serology and histology labs. I do various tasks such as performing mycoplasma testing on chicken blood, helping the serologist with coggins and bloodwork for pregnancy testing for cows, and preparing histology slides for the pathologist to look at under the microscope. The skills I've learned during my time at the lab have been beneficial in applying what I learn in the classroom to real-world situations. I really enjoy my time at the diagnostic lab and I am positive the skills I've learned will be useful after I leave UNH.

Describe something non-academic about which you are passionate.
I enjoy volunteering and helping others. Last summer I became very involved with the Therapeutic Riding program at UNH, which is a program that offers therapy through horseback riding for children with cognitive and physical challenges. 

I'm hoping to participate again this summer. I also love volunteering through my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, in which we donate hundreds of dollars a year toward the prevention of domestic violence and walk in Relay for Life every spring.