Meet an Alum

Abigail Geick

Why did you choose UNH? I chose UNH because of the amazing and unique opportunities that I was exposed too. It was one of the few schools that had everything I wanted- a strong agricultural program, a variety of courses, research opportunities in my field of interest and a close knit community. I have already worked with marine life, dairy cows, horses and the veterinary diagnostic lab on campus! I can walk to the equine and dairy barn to partake in not only classes but the clubs and teams. I feel as though I am not limited in what I want to do because of the supportive professors, faculty and connections that the University offers.

Did you know that you wanted to major in your current major when you arrived on campus? I knew that I had the goal of going to veterinary school but I was a biology major when I arrived on campus. I was on the "pre-vet track" but some electives that the biology major would be taking did not interest me as much as the animal science. I looked into switching my major to BMS Pre-Vet and found that it was the right choice. The advisors are actual veterinarians who work and teach in the diagnostic lab on campus. They have connections with veterinary schools, local veterinarians and internships around the country. The courses also caught my eye- dairy cattle diseases, equine sports medicine, small animal diseases and pathology! I decided to switch my major and could not be more happy with the decision.

What's been your favorite class thus far? My favorite class thus far has been Introduction to Dairy Cattle Management. I have never handled cows before I came to UNH but I soon found myself in the barn learning how to milk cows and preparing to take them to a show ring! The lecture part of the class was very interesting and I find myself more educated on the dairy business which helps me achieve my goals of getting into a veterinary school as well as being an educated consumer. The best part of the class was the hands on experience whether it was bathing or learning how to artificially inseminate a cow!

Which UNH faculty member has had the greatest impact on you? A faculty member that has an impact on me would be Dr. Michelle Fleetwood! She is always smiling, helpful and full of positive advice. Dr. Fleetwood is the advisor of the Pre-Vet Club and her passion for helping students is evident; she is at every meeting with her dog, Ozzie. She presents regularly at the meetings, bakes for the club and is always bringing in prizes. Her friendliness makes it easy to talk with her if you are struggling in a class, having doubts about your future plans or just need someone to talk to! She supports your decisions while leading you in the right direction and helping you achieve your dreams.

What activities related to your major have occurred outside the classroom that has been most beneficial to you? I am an officer of the Pre-Vet Club and thoroughly enjoy it. We organize field trips, speakers and socials. A few field trips that have been beneficial would be visiting Cornell University, the New England Aquarium, the York Zoo as well as the New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center. The club focuses on exposing the student body to all aspects of the veterinary field whether it be the traditional mixed animal practice or taking care of sea turtles. I have also spent a week at th:e Isle of Shoals Marine Lab which was a great experience because I was in the field on the island looking at specimens. While I was there, I researched invasive crab species and presented my findings to the class. It was such a unique opportunity that I could not have had elsewhere! I also work at the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic lab on campus. It provides me with lab technician experience working with actual cases from around the area and working with faculty.

Describe something non-academic about which you are passionate. I am a part of the Intercollegiate Dressage Team which is one of the equestrian teams at UNH. I have the opportunity to compete at other schools such as University of Maine, University of Rhode Island as well as Johnson and Wales University. It is great representing my school while doing my favorite sport. I not only love the horseback riding aspect but the bonds I form with my team and coach. 

I consider the team my best friends! It is another opportunity that the University has provided me with that is indescribable.