Program Overview

Veterinary programs are well known for their tough acceptance standards, require exceptional academic records, experience in a professional setting and exemplary service and leadership qualities. They seek students who have demonstrated a commitment to their chosen profession and who have gained valuable learning experience through summer internships and fellowships, study abroad programs, undergraduate research investigations, work experience with professionals in their field and who have engaged in leadership roles in organizations or clubs.

Students interested in veterinary medicine choose the University of New Hampshire for its excellent and proven advising and academic program for the pre-veterinary student. With experience gained, our pre-veterinary students graduate with clinical, classroom and field knowledge.

Critical factors leading to admission to veterinary school are:

  • Academic excellence in required courses and in the chosen major (GPA > 3.5)
  • High test scores on entrance exams (e.g., GRE, MCAT)
  • Extra-curricular experiences that document your passion for a career in veterinary medicine
  • Strong letters of recommendation
  • Interpersonal skills that are demonstrated during vet school interviews

Our excellent staff of faculty advisors assist students through the process of selecting courses, exploring professional options, and applying to veterinary schools. With the many opportunities available, the role of the pre-veterinary advisor is to help in your planning and preparation for a successful career in veterinary medicine.