Curriculum Electives

The pre-veterinary curriculum involves a rigorous set of core sciences established for entrance into most professional schools yet the student is able to go beyond core requirements. The program is very flexible and tailored to individual student interests. The goal of the curricula is to cultivate the “One Health” concept within the student, which can lead to numerous career opportunities in the medical, veterinary and health sciences, from ecosystem integrity to the biodiversity and health issues that impact us all.

The electives listed are just an example of the diversity in educational opportunities at UNH and cross all disciplines and majors. This is only a short list of the course availability. Visit the course catalog.

Anatomy & Function of Marine Vertebrates

Field Marine Biology and Ecology

Molecular Genetics

Animal Behavior

Field Marine Science

Neurobiology and Behavior

Animal Forages

Field Ornithology


Animal Rights and Societal Issues

Genomes and Bioinformatics

Pathologic Basis of Disease

Behavioral Ecology

Greek and Latin Origins of Medical Terms

Pathogenic Microbiology

Coastal Ecology and

Health Management and Policy Critical Issues

Principles of Nutrition

Community Ecology

Human Genetics


Comparative Histology


Public Health and Waterborne Diseases

CREAM (Cooperative Real Education in Agriculture Management)

Infectious Diseases and Health

Public Speaking

Dairy Nutrition

Law, Medicine, and Morals

Reproductive Management and Artificial Insemination

Developmental Biology



Ecology of Animal Behavior

Marine Ecology

US Health Care Systems

Epidemiology and Community Medicine 

Medical Anthropology: Illness and Healing

Veterinary Microbiology and Zoonotic Disease

Ethical Issues in Health Management and Medicine

Medical Sociology


Eukaryotic Cell and Developmental Biology

Methods of Therapeutic Riding



Microbial Ecology and Evolution