Academic Programs

There is no single academic program that is ideal for all pre-vet students. Rather, there are multiple opportunities to prepare yourself academically for a career in veterinary medicine. However, most veterinary schools require completion of a set of specific courses. In addition, some courses are recommended because they provide excellent preparation for the standardized entrance exams that vet schools require as part of the application process.

Because admission to veterinary school is highly competitive due to the limited number of available spaces and the high standards for admission, students should choose an academic program that deeply interests them. Simply taking the prerequisite courses required by veterinary schools without considering alternate career goals is not advisable. The majority of UNH students accepted into veterinary school have pursued academic programs in one of the biological sciences in COLSA (e.g., Animal Science, Biomedical Science: Medical & Veterinary Science, Biology, Equine Studies, Zoology), although any academic program that includes the prerequisite courses can be considered. There are also opportunities for dual majors, minors and other combined programs which can be designed to match your career goals.