Graduate Student Profile - Radhika Bartaula

Radhika Bartaula, PhD StudentRadhika Bartaula Genetics


Advisor: Dr. Iago Hale

Research Topic: Identification and characterization of genetic mechanisms of resistance to wheat stem and stripe rust (Puccinia spp.) in the alternate host barberry (Berberis spp.) 

Given the recent concern over the emergence and rapid spread of new virulent wheat rust races and epidemics around the world, a global search for novel sources of genetic resistance is underway. To complement this search for sources of potentially durable genetic resistance to Puccinia spp, I am investigating the pathogens' alternate host (sexual), barberries. I am developing an annotated reference genome of barberry, and identifying mechanism(s) of rust resistance in the alternate host. My work mainly uses high-throughput sequencing, computational biology, and association studies.