Frequently Asked Questions

When to File and Deadlines

To decide when you need to file your intent you should talk with your advisor and your department to determine a time line for completion of your degree requirements.  When it looks like you are going to finish the requirements for your degree withint the current term then you need to file your intent.

The deadline to file is posted on our calendar. Generally the deadline will fall sometime around mid-semester. If you are not sure if you will be able to graduate it is still recommended you file. Should you need to take another semester, you must submit another intent for each semester you think you will graduate in. Intents filed after the posted deadline will be charged a $25 late fee, however you can still file them online - the fee will applied to your account once it has been processed and must be paid for you to receive your diploma.

Are You Ready to Graduate? Be Sure to File Your Intent to Graduate!

All students in either a degree program or a certificate program must file an intent to graduate (complete) online through Blackboard.   It is very important you select the correct term that you wish to graduate in. UNH only offers THREE Graduation months. To select your term use these guidelines:

  • Summer Term = September 1st (This is SUMMER graduation, so if your department said you are graduating in August you would actually be selecting the Summer September 1st option)
  • Fall Term = December 31st (This is the FALL graduation date)
  • Spring Term = May (date changes depending on ceremony date).

How Do I File My Intent to Graduate/Complete?

Anyone who thinks that they have completed all of their program requirements, and are ready to graduate, needs to file an intent to graduate, online, at the beginning of the semester you expect to graduate in. You can file online at the MyUNH website.

Login to your Blackboard/MyUNH account, and go to the Webcat/Student Services tab, then click the "continue" button to get into Webcat and click on the "Student" Tab. You should be in the "Student Services & Financial Aid" section of the website. Once on that page click on the "Student Records" link and near the bottom of the list of links you should see "View Application to Graduate" and "Apply to Graduate".

To submit your intent to graduate just click on the "Apply to Graduate" link and follow the prompts. If you are in more than one degree you will need to submit an intent for each degree. Should you have any questions in this process please feel free to contact our office.

Verify Your Information

If any of the intent information displayed is incorrect please let our office know so we can make corrections.  If your name is not displayed the way you would like to have it appear on your diploma then email the registrar's office.  Include in the email your complete name, last 4 digits of your student ID, the semester you plan on graduating, the name of your program, and how you would like your name to appear.  Also be sure to indicate why you are emailing them - its good to put in the subject line "Change of name for Diploma printing".

Problems With Filing (Unable to use online form, errors, or other problems)

If you are a graduate student and are having any problems with filing online (not everyone will be eligible to file online due to student coding conflicts) you will need to contact our office and we will try and assist you. Your student information will need to be reviewed in case we need to make any changes or corrections to your record.

How to Change Your Intent Date

Once you submit your intent to graduate online you will NOT be able to change it until our office has reset it. If you need to change your intent to graduate date please email our office at with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Your UNH ID or Date of Birth (to help verify your identity)
  • Degree Program

Once we get your email we will reset your account and notify you so you can resubmit the new intent data.  Note that we do NOT submit the intent for you. You can also call us at 603-862-3004 and ask to have your intent reset over the phone.

Paper Filing

The paper form is no longer available except in special circumstances. Should you not have access to a computer to submit your intent online, then please contact our office to discuss your options. If needed our office can either help you do it over the phone or we can mail you the paper version.

When Do I Get My Diploma?

The average time frame is to have the diploma's mailed out by the Registrar's office within 8-12 weeks from the day of graduation.


Graduation Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you have everything done!

  • If you are working on a thesis or dissertation have you submitted a draft to our office, in advance of all posted deadlines, to make sure its properly formatted?
  • Review the thesis and dissertation manual for formatting details and contact our Academic Counselor should you have any questions.
  • You should aim to submit your draft for review 3-4 weeks in advance of the posted deadline for submission of your final copy.
  • Have you been registered every semester and are therefore an active enrolled student with UNH?
  • Have you met with your advisor and checked in with your department? Its important you thoroughly review all of your degree requirements so you can be sure you will graduate on time.
  • Have you filed your intent to graduate form by the posted deadline?
  • Is your account balance up to date (all fees and charges paid)? You will not be issued a diploma until your account is clear.