Genetics faculty conduct research on a broad range of topics and welcome undergraduates into their labs. Undergraduates who are interested in gaining hands-on experience should have a good GPA and sufficient time in their schedules to devote to laboratory work.

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Molecular Genetics - The structure and function of genes at a molecular level

   How is gene expression regulated?
   How are genes transferred from one generation to the next?
   Which mutations are involved to cancer and other diseases?


Evolutionary and Population Genetics - Effect of genetic change and natural selection during evolution of  populations

   How do organisms adapt to new environments?
   How do new species evolve?
   How do allele frequencies change over time in a population?


Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics - identification, analysis & comparison of all genes and proteins in an organism

   How many genes does an organism have?
   How closely related are two different species?
   What proteins are important for mitosis or other processes?