Course Requirements for BS in Genetics


  • At least 128 credits in courses numbered 200-799
  • Cumulative grade-point average of 2.0
  • C- or better in all COLSA courses
  • Completion of university general education requirements (for students admitted prior to fall 2010 or transferring to UNH from another institution in fall 2010)


     Completion of university Discovery requirements (for freshmen enrolling starting fall 2010)

  • Completion of university Writing Intensive (WI) requirements

Seven Foundation courses

CHEM 403

General Chemistry I (includes lab)

CHEM 404

General Chemistry II (includes lab)

CHEM 545/5461

Organic Chemistry & Laboratory


Calculus for Life Sciences

BIOL 528

Applied Biostatistics I

PHYS 401

Introduction to Physics I (includes lab)

PHYS 402

Introduction to Physics II (includes lab)

1Students applying to professional schools need a full year of organic chemistry and should take
CHEM 651/653 Organic Chemistry I/Lab and CHEM 652/654 Organic Chemistry II/Lab instead of
CHEM 545/546 (see

Six Biological Science Foundation courses

BIOL 411

Principles of Biology I (includes lab)

BIOL 412

Principles of Biology II (includes lab)

BMS 503

General Microbiology (includes lab)

GEN 604

Principles of Genetics

BMCB 605

Eukaryotic Cell and Developmental Biology

BMCB 658/659

General Biochemistry & Laboratory


Four Genetics Core courses

GEN 401

Professional Perspectives in Genetics

GEN 606

Genetics Lab

GEN 711

Genomics and Bioinformatics

Select ONE

GEN 704

Genetics of Prokaryotic Microbes

GEN 771

Molecular Genetics


Five Major Elective courses

Population/Evolutionary Genetics - Select ONE unique course

GEN 705

Population Genetics

GEN 715

Evolutionary Genetics


Laboratory Techniques - Select ONE unique course:

BMCB 754  


Laboratory in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Nucleic Acids

BMS 714   


Research Methods in Endocrinology

GEN 704


Genetics of Prokaryotic Microbes

GEN 717


Molecular Microbiology

GEN 775


Plant Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Lab

GEN 795


Investigations (4 credit minimum)

GEN 799


Senior Thesis


Bioscience Electives2* - Select THREE unique courses:

BIOL 711


Applied Biostatistics II

BMCB 750


Physical Biochemistry

BMCB 753


Cell Culture

BMCB 754    


Lab in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Nucleic Acids

BMCB 763


Biochemistry of Cancer

BMCB 794


Protein Structure and Function

BMS 702    



BMS 704


Pathologic Basis of Disease

BMS 705



BMS 706



BMS 714    


Research Methods in Endocrinology

GEN 704


Genetics of Prokaryotic Microbes

GEN 705


Population Genetics

GEN 706


Human Genetics

GEN 712


Introduction to Perl Programming for Bioinformatics

GEN 713


Microbial Ecology and Evolution

GEN 715


Molecular Evolution

GEN 717       


Molecular Microbiology

GEN 721


Comparative Genomics  

GEN 753



GEN 771


Molecular Genetics

GEN 772     


Evolutionary Genetics of Plants

GEN 774/775


Plant Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering & Laboratory

GEN 795


Investigations  (4 credit minimum)

GEN 799       


Senior Thesis

ZOOL 777


Neurobiology and Behavior


2 Students interested in professional school or in genetic counseling are encouraged to have a broad educational background. See the Pre-professional Health Program Advising website.  Therefore, ONE course from the following group of Other Major Electives may be substituted for one of the three Upper-level Biological Science Electives. No substitutions for the Laboratory Techniques elective.

Other Major Electives*          

ANSC 602    


Animal Rights and Societal Issues

ANSC 701


Physiology of Reproduction

ANTH 610


Medical Anthropology: Illness & Healing

ANTH 685     


Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa

ARTS 567


Introductory Sculpture

BMCB 714/715


Electron Microscopy with Laboratory

BMS 623


Comparative Histology

BMS 718


Mammalian Physiology

BMS 730


Ethics and Issues in Microbiology

BMS 755


Molecular Diagnostics

CLAS 525


Greek and Latin Origins of Medical Terms

FS 746


Human Sexuality

FS 757        


Race, Class, Gender & Families

HIST 521


Origins of Modern Science

HIST 522


Science in the Modern World

HIST 654


Topics in History of Science

HMP 401     


United States Health Care Systems

HMP 403


Introduction to Public Health

HMP 430


Alternative Medicine and Health

HMP 501


Epidemiology and Community Medicine

HMP 505


Public Health: History and Practice

HMP 569


Human Behavior and the Public Health

HMP 744     


Ethical Issues in Health Management & Medicine

HUMA 651


Humanities & Science: The Nature of Scientific Creativity

KIN 607


Biology of Aging

NUTR 750


Nutritional Biochemistry

PHIL 424


Science, Technology, and Society

PHIL 435


Human Nature and Evolution

PHIL 450


Ecology and Values

PHIL 660      


Law, Medicine and Morals

PSYC 511


Sensation and Perception

PSYC 513


Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 531



PSYC 561


Abnormal Behavior

PSYC 731     


Brain and Behavior

SOC 635  


Medical Sociology

SOC 770


Social Stress and Health

ZOOL 518


Vertebrate Morphology

ZOOL 625/626   


Principles of Animal Physiology& Laboratory

ZOOL 690