Capstone Experience for Genetics Majors

Capstone consists of 4 credits of coursework or equivalent.  Some examples are listed here but a student may develop his/her own idea for a Capstone Experience, discuss the idea with his/her academic advisor, and submit the idea for approval by the Capstone Subcommittee.

Before beginning any Capstone Experience, YOU MUST SUBMIT A CAPSTONE APPROVAL FORM.

Examples of Possible Capstone Experiences:

  • research projects and presentations in Genetics, Biochemistry, Biology or related field, including IROP or SURF, INCO 790, 795 Investigations, 799 Senior Thesis, Undergraduate Research Conference presentation
  • 790 Undergrad Teaching Experience (4 credits; must include a class presentation)
  • internship, community service or service learning activity (50 hours minimum) in areas such as medical or veterinary medicine, genetic counseling, psychology, etc.*
  • genetics course with Capstone attributes: GEN 704, GEN 705, GEN 715, GEN 717

*Requires a written agreement between student, UNH supervisor & on-site supervisor.  (NOTE that internships at medical facilities often require a formal contract with UNH that includes certification of vaccinations, drug testing, etc.  and may take 1-2 months of advance preparation.)

Procedure for Approval of Capstone Experience for Genetics Majors

Students must fill out the Capstone Approval form and deliver to Estelle Hrabak (105 Rudman Hall) at least one week prior to the subcommittee's next scheduled meeting.

Capstone Subcommittee of the Genetics Curriculum Group will meet once or twice each semester to approve student capstone experiences.  Meetings are held: 2nd week of fall semester, penultimate week of fall semester, and penultimate week of spring semester