Faculty-Student Advising Responsibilities

Faculty Academic Advising Responsibilities:

  • Academic planning
    o   Be familiar with all academic requirements required for graduation in the major/option
    o   Monitor progress to completion for major or minor requirements
    o   Provide information about University requirements (Discovery, Writing Program, graduation, etc.)
    o   Assist with registration process when needed
    o   Guidance with course selection for upcoming semester.
  • Providing information on academic support resources available at UNH.
  • Career advising (e.g., employment, graduate school, professional school, etc.).
  • Be available to meet each semester with each advisee (scheduled office hours, by appointment, etc.).

Adapted from: https://www.unh.edu/uac/cola401/responsibilities-students-advisors

Student Responsibilities:

  • Respond to your academic advisor’s email requests.
  • Know the name, office location, and phone number of your academic advisor. 
  • Schedule academic advising appointments in a timely manner.
  • Be prepared and bring the needed materials/information to your academic advising appointment. 
  • If your academic advisor gives you a referral to a campus resource, make sure you follow through and contact them. 
  • Talk to your academic advisor if you are having any academic difficulties.
  • Talk to your academic advisor before dropping/adding courses, withdrawing, or transferring from UNH.  
  • Accept personal responsibility for consequences of your choices.  It is up to the student to assure that all requirements to graduate on time have been met.

Adapted from: https://www.unh.edu/uac/cola401/responsibilities-students-advisors