Careers & Alumni

After Completing your BMCB Degree?

  • Two-thirds of BMCB graduates immediately obtain work as researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or
    biomedical fields
  • One-third of BMCB majors enter directly into one of the health professions (medical school, veterinary school, etc.) or go to graduate school for a M.S. or Ph.D. to further advance their career goals in academia or a research environment.
Dr. Michael Lim

Dr. Michael Lim , (UNH, 1995)

John Hopkins Medicine

Director of Brain Tumor Immunotherapy and Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery

Dr. Jill Sible

Dr. Jill Sible, (UNH, 1990) 

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Professor of Biological Sciences and Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Education

Dr. Dan Jaffurs

Dr. Dan  Jaffurs,  (UNH, 1989)

Children's Hospital, Orange County, CA

Plastic Surgery and  Craniofacial Services

denis larochelle

Dr. Denis Larochelle, (UNH, 1983)

Clark University

Associate Professor of Biology, Program Director, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology