5-Year BS/MS in Biochemistry

This accelerated five-year program leading to a combined bachelor and master's degree in biochemistry is designed for highly motivated and qualified students seeking additional training to further their career goals as a researcher in the life sciences.

Admission to the combined degree program is highly competitive. Students wishing to pursue this option must have a grade point average greater than 3.2 at the time of application. A thesis advisor must be identified during the junior year, and the approval of the advisor must be obtained. Prior to the first semester of the senior year, the student must formally apply to the department through the Graduate School and receive early admission. The requirement for the Graduate Record Examinations is waived for combined degree applicants.

Thirty credits of graduate level (800-999) course work (including dual credit courses) must be completed. Six to eight credits must be taken during the senior year, and are applied to both the B.S. and M.S. requirements. All other requirements for the M.S. degree must be followed.

Limited financial support for the M.S. component of this combined degree program may be available through University Financial Aid or from the student's project advisor.