Course Requirements for BS in Biomedical Science: Medical Microbiology Option

Seven Foundation Courses

 CHEM 403 General Chemistry I (includes lab)  BIOL 528 Applied Biostatistics I
 CHEM 404 General Chemistry II (includes lab)  PHYS 401 Introduction to Physics I (includes lab)
 CHEM 545/546 Organic Chemistry & Laboratory  PHYS 402 Introduction to Physics II (includes lab)
 MATH 424B Calculus for Life Sciences    


 Five Bioscience Core courses

 BIOL 411 Intro. Biol:Molecular/Cellular  GEN 604 Principles of Genetics
 BIOL 412 Intro. Biol:Evol. Biodiv. & Ecol.*  BMCB 658/659 General Biochemistry & Laboratory
 BMS 503 General Microbiology (includes lab)    

*BMS 508 Anatomy and Physiology may be substituted for BIOL 412.

 Four MM Core courses

 BMS 401   Professional Perspectives in Biomedical Science (First-year students only)
 BMS 602/603  Pathogenic Microbiology/Lab
 BMS 705/715  Immunology/Lab
 BMS 706/708  Virology/Lab


Five Major Elective courses

A total of five unique major elective courses is required. At least one course must be taken in each of the following groups: Host-Microbe Interactions, Molecular Biology, and Community. Two additional courses are taken either from these groups or as approved by the faculty, including the capstone course/experience.  

 Host-Microbe Interaction Electives

 BMS 703  Infectious Disease and Health  BMS 720  Mycology Parasitology & Virology
 BMS 704  Pathologic Basis of Disease  BMS 740  Human Microbiome  Laboratory**
 BMS 711  Toxicology  GEN 713  Microbial Ecology and Evolution
 BMS 719  Host-Microbe Interactions**    


Molecular Biology Electives

 BMS 650  Molecular Diagnostics  BMCB 754  Lab. Biochem. Mol. Biol. Nucleic Acids
 BMS 719  Host-Microb Interactions**  BMCB 763  Biochemistry of Cancer
 BMS 740  Human Microbiome Laboratory**  GEN 704  Genetics of Prokaryotic  Microbes
 BMCB 605  Eucaryotic Cell & Developmental Biology  GEN 715  Molecular Evolution
 BMCB 753  Cell Culture  GEN 717  Molecular Microbiology
**BMS 719 and BMS 740 may each meet a host-microbe interaction or a molecular biology
major elective, but not both.


Community Electives

BMS 716 Public Health: Food - and Waterborne Diseases
BMS 730 Ethics and Issues in Biomedical Science
ANTH 685 Gender, Sexual, HIV/AIDS Sub-Saharan Africa
HMP 501 Epidemiology and Community Medicine


Other Major Electives

BMS 795 Research Experience
BMS 799 Senior Thesis