Course Requirements for BS in Biomedical Science: Medical Laboratory Science Option

Consult with your faculty advisor to choose the best set of major elective courses depending on your career aspirations.

Four Foundation Courses

CHEM 403   General Chemistry I with lab
CHEM 404   General Chemistry II with lab
CHEM 545/546   Organic Chemistry with lab
BIOL 528   Applied Biostatistics I


Five Bioscience Core courses

 BMS 503/501 General Microbiology/
Microbes in Human Disease 
  GEN 604  Principles of Genetics

 BMS 507/
BIOL 411

Human Anatomy & Physiology/General Biology   BMCB 658/659  General Biochemistry
 BMS 508 Human Anatomy & Physiology    


Six MLS Core Courses

 BMS 401  Professional Perspectives in Biomedical Science (freshman only)  BMS 642/643  Clinical Immunology and Serology/Clinical Serology
 BMS 560/561  Body Fluids with lab  BMS 650  Molecular Diagnostics
 BMS 602  Pathogenic Microbiology  BMS 720/721




Five Major Elective Courses (from the list)

 BMCB 753  Cell Culture  BMS 750  Case Studies
 BMS 610  Biomedical Laboratory Management  BMS 751  Advanced Clinical Microbiology Internship
 BMS 623  Comparative Histology  BMS 752  Advanced Clinical Microbiology Internship
 BMS 640  Phlebotomy Theory  BMS 753  Advanced Immunohematology Internship
 BMS 641  Phlebotomy Internship  BMS 754  Advanced Clinical Chemistry Internship
 BMS 644/645  Hematology - Blood Cells and Coagulation with lab  BMS 761  Clinical Microbiology Internship
 BMS 656/657  Immunohematology/Blood Transfusion Science with lab  BMS 762  Clinical Hematology Internship
 BMS 658/659  Medical Biochemistry/Clin. Chem. Lab  BMS 763  Clinical Immunohematology Internship
 BMS 703  Infectious Disease and Health  BMS 764  Clinical Chemistry Internship
 BMS 704  Pathologic Basis of Disease  BMS 790  Undergraduate Teaching Experience
 BMS 705/715  Immunology  BMS 795  Independent Research
 BMS 706/708  Virology  BMS 796  Biomedical Research Internship
 BMS 711  Toxicology  BMS 799 Senior Thesis
 BMS 730  Ethical Issues in Biomedical Science