Course Requirements for BS in Biomedical Science: Medical and Veterinary Sciences Option

 Eight Foundation Courses


 CHEM 403

 General Chemistry I      (includes lab)

 MATH 424B

 Calculus for Life Sciences

 CHEM 404

 General Chemistry II    (includes lab)

 BIOL 528

 Applied Biostatistics I

 CHEM 651/653

 Organic Chemistry I      (includes lab)

 PHYS 401

 Introduction to Physics I (includes lab)

 CHEM 652/654

 Organic Chemistry II    (includes lab)

 PHYS 402

 Introduction to Physics II (includes lab)


Five Bioscience Core Courses

 BIOL 411  Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular (includes lab)
 BIOL 412  Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity and Ecology (includes lab)
 BMS 503  General Microbiology (includes lab)
 GEN 604

 Principles of Genetics

 BMCB 658/659  General Biochemistry & Laboratory


Three MVS Core Courses

 BMS 401

 Professional Perspectives in Biomedical Science (freshman only)

 ANSC 511 or BMS 507

 Anatomy and Physiology I or Human Anatomy and Physiology I

 ANSC 512 or BMS 508

 Anatomy and Physiology II or Human Anatomy and Physiology II


Seven Major Elective Courses

A total of seven unique major elective courses are required. At least two courses must be taken in each of the following subject areas: Biomedical Systems, Pathobiology and Disease, and Health and Environmental Issues. One additional course is taken from the entire set of approved Major Elective courses that include dairy management, histology, endocrinology, physiology, microbiology, cell biology and public health.

Biomedical Systems Electives
Recommended courses:
Pathobiology and Disease Electives
Recommended courses:
 BMCB 605

 Eukaryotic Cell &   Developmental  Biology

 BMCB 763  Biochemistry of Cancer
 BMS 702  Endocrinology  BMS 602  Pathogenic Microbiology
 BMS 718  Mammalian Physiology  BMS 704  Pathologic Basis of Disease
 GEN 717  Molecular Microbiology  BMS 705  Immunology
 NUTR 750  Nutritional Biochemistry  BMS 711 Toxicology
For other courses appropriate for this category, see MVS Major Elective List. For other courses appropriate for this cateogory, see  MVS Major Elective List.


Health & Environmental Issues Electives
Recommended courses:

 BMS 730  Ethics and Issues in Microbiology  HMP 401 U.S. Healthcare Systems
 ANTH 610  Medical Anthropology: Illness and Healing  NR 435 Contemporary Conservation Issues and Environnmental Awareness
 BIOL 541  General Ecology  SOC 635  Medical Sociology

For other courses appropriate for this category, see MVS Major Electives List