Biomedical Science B.S.

Biomedical science focuses on human and animal health, and the methods for diagnosing, analyzing, and treating disease:

  • Pre-clinical medicine
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Drug screening and evaluation
  • Environmental health and epidemiology

The Biomedical Science (BMS) major consists of three specializations: Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), Medical Microbiology (MM), and Medical and Veterinary Sciences (MVS).  These three options have different course requirements, but share a common interest in the study of human and animal physiology and diseases.  Each curriculum is based on solid foundations in biology, chemistry, physics and math, along with advanced courses in laboratory-based disciplines, mechanisms of disease induction and therapy, as well as courses dealing with structure and function of diseased and non-diseased states.

Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) option

  • Accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS)
  • Ability to specialize in one of several clinical areas such as hematology, clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology and immunhematology
  • Provides academic training to excel on ASCP national certification exam for medical laboratory scientist; see Accreditation and Clinical Outcomes for details
  • Affiliated with the Department of Pathology at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and with other hospitals and medical centers in the region
  • Excellent career prospects in hospitals, biotechnology companies, and clinical research facilities

Medical Microbiology (MM) option

  • Focus on infectious diseases, epidemiology, immunology, and virology
  • Newly re-designed curriculum for students interested in the microbial world
  • Great preparation for graduate school, medical school, and laboratory technician positions in government, hospital, biotechnology, and clinical laboratories

Medical and Veterinary Sciences (MVS) option

  • Focus on pre-clinical medicine, molecular basis of disease, pathobiology, and related biomedical areas
  • Rigorous academic program meets requirements for entry into veterinary school, medical school, and graduate school biomedical sciences
  • On- and off-campus opportunities for career-relevant learning experiences at the NH Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, UNH farm facilities, area hospitals, internships, and biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies in the Greater Boston area
  • Biomedical research and clinical faculty and board-certified veterinarians provide expertise in meeting students’ career goals through specialized coursework, independent study, and academic preparation for professional health programs.

Questions? Contact:

Adele Marone, M.S., MT(ASCP)

Assistant Clinical Professor, MLS Program Director, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Kendall Hall, Room 210
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-1376