Faculty Handbook: Freshman/ New Transfer Progress Report

Just prior to mid-semester, instructors submit Freshman/new transfer performance ratings to the Registrar.

Number 1 indicates satisfactory (C or better)

Number 2 indicates unsatisfactory (D or F work to date)

Number 3 indicates inadequate background

Number 4 indicates poor performance due to sporadic attendance

Number 5 indicates no evaluation by instructor

Number 6 indicates that no roster was received by the instructor

A copy of the Freshman/New Transfer Progress Report form and further explanation of the status code is indicated on the next two pages.

The Associate Dean reviews all Freshman/New Transfer Progress Reports. Freshmen and transfers who receive two or more unsatisfactory grades (2, 3 or 4) are contacted by the Associate Dean by phone or letter, suggesting that they consult with their advisor concerning this matter in order to alleviate a possible suspension at the end of the semester.

Freshman/New Transfer Progress Report Example