Faculty Handbook: Action on Petitions

The petition form is used when a student wishes to request an exception to a university, college, or department rule. Authority to approve or deny a petition depends on the nature of the petition. The following examples may be of help to you:
  • Approval or denial by department or program faculty
    1. To waive or substitute a major or department requirement
  • Approval or denial by LS&A Executive Committee
    1. To change catalogs
  • Approval or denial by the Associate dean
    1. To carry more than 20 credits
    2. To extend deadline for making up incompletes
    3. To waive Senior Residency requirements
  • Approval or denial by Academic Standards and Advising Committee
    1. To cancel academic suspension or dismissal
    2. Retroactive withdrawal from a course or the University
    3. Any change to a student's record beyond the current semester
    4. To drop, add, or change to Pass/Fail after the deadline of the current semester

    5. To waive or substitute a Discovery or General Education requirement

It is expected that advisors will act responsibly in recommending approval or denial of petitions. Your signature is of very little assistance to us in making the correct decision if you routinely recommend that all petitions be approved without weighing the pros and cons of each case.

Petition for Variance in Academic Policy Form