Faculty Handbook: Incompletes

Students are responsible for completing all course work by the last day of classes. In the event a student wants an extension of time, he/she must request permission to take an incomplete in place of a grade with the approval of the instructor. The students should have a significant reason (such as illness) for requesting an incomplete. The students should also realize that his/her incomplete has to be made up by mid-semester of the following semester or this incomplete will revert to an "F". The instructor must file an Incomplete/Administrative F form with the roster for each student receiving an incomplete.

When the work of the course has been completed, a final grade for the term will be submitted on a Special Grade Report to the student's college dean. The form indicating completion of the work shall not be filed any later than the middle of the semester immediately following the one in which the incomplete was granted.

A petition requesting an extension of time beyond mid-semester, approved by the instructor, and his/her advisor, may be submitted to the Dean of the student's college before mid-semester. An extension will be granted by the dean only under unusual circumstances. If the work is not completed by the specified time, the grade will be recorded as "F".

Incomplete/Administrative F Form