Faculty Handbook: Certification for Graduation

The Registrar's Office automatically issues a degree analysis on every student in a degree program who has accumulated 80 credit hours. The Analysis will indicate all of the General Education courses taken by the student and the categories they satisfy, including major restrictions.

Students who intend to graduate at the end of the semester are instructed to file an Intent to Graduate card three months prior to graduation date (watch for deadlines in the Time and Room Schedule) with the Registrar's Office. The student should file the Intent to Graduate card by the published deadline for the semester in which he/she will actually have completed all of their degree requirements. If a student wishes to participate in the commencement ceremony, but know their requirements for actual graduation will not be completed, they should file an Intent to Graduate card for the semester in which they will academically graduate. A student must be within 8 credits of completion of degree requirements to attend the commencement ceremony. There is only one ceremony, which takes place in May.

Once this card is filed the student's advisor is expected to review the student's academic program, and file for the student, a certification of completion of major requirements form (which is sent from the Registrar's Office two weeks before the graduation date) listing the remaining departmental major requirements needed for graduation. The form is signed by the advisor and chairperson, then it is forwarded to the Graduation Office.

The Dean's Office will continue to provide each department with a list of degree recipients for the September, December and May graduations.