Faculty Handbook: Grades and Posting Grades

Semester and cumulative grade point averages appear on students' transcripts for UNH courses only. The GPA is computed by dividing the sum of UNH grade points by GPA hours (UNH credits attempted).

Instructors assign grades as listed below; grade points per credit are indicated in parentheses. For all undergraduate courses, grading standards established by the Academic Senate are that a "C" indicates competent, acceptable performance and learning; "B" indicates superior performance and learning; and "A" indicates excellent performance and learning. These standards apply to all undergraduate courses, instructors, departments, subjects, and colleges. The University reserves the right to modify grading and honors practices.

A (4.00) Excellent

A- (3.67) Intermediate grade

B+ (3.33) Intermediate grade

B (3.00) Superior

B- (2.67) Intermediate grade

C+ (2.33) Intermediate grade

C (2.00) Satisfactory, competent

C- (1.67) Intermediate grade

D+ (1.33) Intermediate grade

D (1.00) Marginal grade

D- (0.67) Intermediate grade

F (0.00) Failure; academic performance so deficient in quality as to be unacceptable for credit

AF (0.00) Administrative F (usually indicates student stopped attending without dropping the course); is included in grade-point average

Cr Credit; given in specific courses having no letter grades, designated credit/fail

P Passing grade in a course taken under the student pass/fail grading alternative

W Withdrawal--assigned if withdrawal is later than fifth Friday of classes (but not after midsemester); is not included in grade point average

WP Withdrawal--assigned if withdrawal is after mid-semester and if student is passing; is not included in grade point average

WFWithdrawal--assigned if withdrawal is after mid-semester and if student is failing; is included in grade point average

AU Audit--no credit earned

IC Grade report notation for student's incomplete coursework

IA Indicates "incomplete" in a thesis or continuing course of more than one semester; the grade earned will replace "IA" assigned in previous semesters

IX Grade not reported by instructor

Students earning a semester or cumulative grade-point average less than 2.00 are placed on "academic warning".


Grades are considered a part of a student's educational record and will not be released or posted in any personally identifiable form, including listing by Student Identification Number, unless the student gives written consent. Acceptable alternatives for distributing test results and grade information to students include:

  • Grades may be posted if the instructors use a system of random letters or numbers or other symbols, not personally identifiable, and known only by the instructor and the student.
  • Grades mailed in self-addressed, self-stamped envelopes.
  • Department secretaries or teaching assistants may tell students their grades if they have sufficient identification.