Grant McKown

Grant Mckown Marine Biology MS Student

Advisor: Dr. Gregg Moore

Biological Sciences: Marine Biology - MS

Research Topic: Salt Marsh Restoration
Research Description: I recently finished my B.S. in Environmental Engineering at the University of Georgia, and fell in love with the idea of Ecological Engineering or simply Ecosystem Restoration, combining engineering designs and ecological principles. The idea of taking environmental gains a step further from conventional environmental engineering was irresistible, so I find myself at the University of New Hampshire studying Marine Biology, with my primary focus on coastal ecology, hydrology, and coastal processes.
My research, though in its earliest infancy, focuses on the restoration design itself by improving monitoring techniques and applying the Restoration Performance Index (RPI) from the National Estuarine Research Reserve System.
Monitoring long-term "success" of "restored" salt marshes and beach dunes remains elusive, leaving questions around the true efficacy of specific designs  (sills with or without windows, groins, fill mixtures of varying organic matter, grass planting layout, etc.).