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NR 711/811

Wetland Ecology & Management


Students in NR 711
Student taking tree height and girth measurements
in an uncommon Atlantic White Cedar Swamp

Students in NR 711/811
Students examining plant zonation in response to salinity
and elevation in a tidal marsh.








Instructor: Dr. David Burdick


In the first part of this course, the structure and functions of major wetland ecosystems are examined in lecture and extended lab sessions where we practice commonly used assessment methods.  The commonalities and transcendent properties of all wetlands are synthesized at mid-term. Finally, we explore current issues regarding wetland management, we hear directly from managers on the front lines and each student examines a wetlands permit in detail to show how laws to protect wetlands are implemented on the local level.  The course is Writing Intensive and is appropriate for advanced undergraduates, graduate students & working professionals.

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