Timothy Montminy, Ph.D.

Timothy Montminy, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Medical Microbiology Option Coordinator

Educational Background:

Ph.D., Molecular Microbiology, Tufts University Sackler School of Biomedical Science, 2001-2009
B.S., Biological Sciences - Microbiology with Honors, University of Rochester, 1997-2001


REACH IRACDA Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, Baylor College of Medicine.
Norman and Susan Krinsky Excellence In Teaching  Award, Tufts University, Sackler School of Biomedical Science.
Alia Korjagln Fellow, Tufts University, Sackler School of Biomedical Science. Awarded for collegiality and excellence in research.


Montminy, TP and Bates, D. SeqA-mediated DNA methylation kinetics dictate the timing of chromosome cohesion in E. coli.  Manuscript in preparation.

Joshi M, Lies M, Montminy TP, Magnan D, Bates D. SeqA and TopoiV oppositely regulate chromosome cohesion in Escherichia coli. Manuscript submitted.

Montminy TP, Dumenil G, lsberg RR. lema interaction with Dot/lcm Type IV Secretion Substrates of Legionella pneumophila.  Manuscript in preparation.

Raychaudhury S, Farelli JD, Montminy TP, Matthews M, Mlmetret JF, Dumenil G, Roy CR, Head JF, lsberg RR, Akey CW. Structure and Function of Interacting lemA-lema Domains from a Type IVb Secretion System in Legionella pneumophila. Structure. 2009 Apr 15;17(4):590-601.

Dumenil G, Montminy TP, Tang M, lsberg RR. lemA-regulated membrane insertion and efflux by the Legionel/a pneumophila lema protein. J Bioi Chem. 2004 Feb 6;279(6):4686-95. Epub 2003 Nov 18.

Lamb JR, Patel H, Montminy T, Wagner VE, lglewski BH. Functional domains of the RhiR transcriptional regulator of Pseudomonas aeruglnosa.  J Bacterial. 2003 Dec;185(24):7129-39.

Professional Society:

American Society for Microbiology

Timothy Montminy
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